Restaurant in India

India offers great places to eat out with its multifaceted cuisine and the increasing Indianisation of foreign cuisine. Here is a list of some of the best Indian restaurant to enjoy great Indian food.

The Great Kebab Factory

Here you get an unlimited package in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kebabs. The menu changes as per the day of the week, so make sure every time you visit this place its a different day of the week. The Great Kebab Factory is located at various places; in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Chennai. The interirors are ethnic and opulant.

The Bukhara

Eating Oot Another Favourite Kebab joint in the Maurya Shreraton, New Delhi. The Dal Makhani, one of the best loved Indian Food, is said to be the best here. Be sure to book your seats before hand, there's always a que here. Also be prpared to use your hands not that you won't get a fork or spoon if you insist.

Oh Kolkatta!

Recently this group has opened shop in Delhi(Intercontinental, Nehru Place) after its sucessful run in Calcutta and Bombay. If your bos is a bengali and has been missing some great home food, this is the place to take him. Or for that matter any bengali on a visit to Delhi or Bombay will appreciate the food here as it is very authentic. That however does not go to say that a non bengali will not relish the food. The great food, is complimented by the ambience of the place what with its calcutta sketches decorting the walls.