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A six-foot purple dinosaur, Barney stars in the children's TV show Barney and Friends. The character got his start in 1987 in direct-sale videos created by Dallas teacher Sheryl Leach.

The tapes caught the eye of the Public Broadcasting System, who put Barney and Friends on the air in 1992. The big purple dinosaur quickly became a public phenomenon, joining Mister Rogers and Jim Henson's Muppets as PBS stars. Barney is a cuddly Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Today, Sheryl Leach lives in Greenwich, Conn., and is recognized as an advocate for quality, nonviolent children´┐Żs programming.

In a new turn in her professional life, the A&M-Commerce alumna has formed her own company, SL Productions , and is collaborating with producers to "create informative, entertaining, and wholesome film and television projects."

In her varied background, Sheryl Leach has also worked as a director of sales and marketing for an education software company, an educational consultant for publishing and product development, and a director of public relations at a hospital. In developing "Barney," Sheryl Leach had in her background the skills necessary to get the video series off the ground.

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