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Powers Boothe (born June 1, 1949) is an American television and movie actor, best known for his 1980 Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Jim Jones. He is also the father of actress Parisse Boothe.

Boothe was born in Snyder, Texas. He attended Texas State University-San Marcos as an undergraduate, and received his Master of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University in 1972.

After graduation, Boothe joined the repertory company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, with roles in Henry IV, and Troilus and Cressida, among other plays. His New York stage debut was in the 1974 Lincoln Center production of Richard III. Five years later, his Broadway theatre debut came in a starring role in the one-act play Lone Star, written by James McLure. Boothe first came to national attention in 1980 playing Jim Jones in the CBS-TV movie Guyana.

He joined the ranks of Humphrey Bogart and other actors when he portrayed Philip Marlowe in a series of short films for HBO in 1983-1986. He also gave several fine performances in other films like Southern Comfort, A Breed Apart, Red Dawn, The Emerald Forest, Nixon (where he played Chief of Staff Alexander Haig), and Extreme Prejudice, as well as HBO films like Into The Homeland and By Dawn's Early Light. However, his most lauded subsequent performance was in the 1990 CBS-TV film Family Of Spies where he played traitor Navy Officer John Walker.

Boothe is one of the last actors to appear with Brandon Lee, in Lee's penultimate film Rapid Fire. Most recently, Boothe has played a featured role as brothel-owner Cy Tolliver on the HBO series Deadwood, and the seedy Senator Roark in the motion picture Sin City.

He is the voice of one of the characters in the 2005 video game Area 51 and Gorilla Grodd, the leader of the Legion of Doom in Justice League Unlimited.

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