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Jacqueline Bisset (born Winifred Jacqueline Fraser-Bisset on September 13, 1944) is a British actress, born in Weybridge, Surrey, England. In 1967, Bisset was cast in the critically acclaimed movie Two for the Road. Next, she participated in the James Bond spoof Casino Royale (1967), as "Miss Goodthighs". In 1973, she appeared in Fran�ois Truffaut's movie Day for Night, where she earned the respect of European critics and moviegoers as a serious actress.

In 1977, Bisset made great strides towards becoming a better known entertainer in America with her movie The Deep (1977), co-starring Robert Shaw, where her appearance swimming underwater wearing only a T-shirt made many to credit her with popularizing the wet T-shirt contest. At the time, Newsweek magazine declared her to be "the most beautiful film actress of all time."

Soon thereafter she played in the movies Rich and Famous (1981) with Candice Bergen, and Under The Volcano (1982) with Albert Finney, which was made in 1984 and gave her a Golden Globe award nomination. In 1978 she had already earned her first nomination for Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?. In 1996, she was nominated for a C�sar Award, France's version of the Oscars, for her role in La c�r�monie.

During her career, Bisset has worked with such legendary directors as Fran�ois Truffaut, John Huston, George Cukor and Roman Polanski, among others. Several of her movies are French or Italian productions. Bisset has also appeared in many made-for-TV movies, especially during the last 10 years, some of which have been quite successful. One of her later TV movies, released in 2003, was America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story, in which she portrayed Jacqueline Kennedy.

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