Top 10 Priorities in school education

Top 10 Priorities in school education which Government should take up By Apeejay Stya Education Research Foundation (ASERF)

  1. Institutionalize Early Childhood Education (Age Group of 0 - 6): Initiation of steps towards universalisation of early childhood care & education (pre-primary education) as a significant step towards Universalisation of Elementary education.
  2. Equitable education to deprive section of the society and concern for general equality and education of children with visibility in the normal schools.
  3. Right to Education bill: This bill laying in the upper house of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) for quite sometime. This bill must be passed and should be implemented as early as possible. The legislation prepared and needs to be examined by all concerned houses and all amendments must be incorporates in it
  4. Ensuring access to quality education with equity; Equity of opportunities not only access but also in the condition of success
  5. Revamping the programme of teacher Education: To improve the quality of teachers and the teaching learning practices in the schools, it is important to institutionalize the Professional development of the teacher as an on-going obligation ; setting up structure for in-service education
  6. Making work on Education an important concern of curricula area of the school and provide pre-vocational orientation to all children.
  7. Identification of vocational areas and skills for creating employment oriented programmes which leads to increased skill manpower for economic development. Reorganizing ITI's and Polytechnics to offer skilled based programme in the service sectors and knowledge industries.
  8. Creating effective Public Private Partnerships model for schools and teacher education institutions; effective utilization of Open Distance Learning to provide education to un-reach and use the ODL modality in consonance with Information Communication technology to improve education.
  9. Improve assessment and evaluation procedures to focus on the newer concerns expressed in the national curricular frame-work with focus on child center learning.
  10. Deigning appropriate schemes for vertical and horizontal mobility for vocational aspirants.


Apeejay Stya Education Research Foundation (ASERF)