The Saraswat Temples

The Saraswat Hindu Temples in Goa had managed to survive the onslaught of the Portugal regime as they were moved from one place to another even the presiding deities were at times preserved and worshipped in the houses of the pujaris.

They were finally settled in their present day temples. The oldest Saraswat Temples in Goa are the Mangesh Samsthan of Priol, the Shanthadurga Samsthan at Kavlem, the Ganapati Samsthan at Khandole, the Mahalakshmi Samsthan at Bandewade and the Sri Nagesh Maharudra Samsthan at Bandora.

Sri Ramnath Samsthan, Ramnathim (Ponda)

Originally located at Lotulim in Salcette taluka and this temple were shifted to its present location in Bandivadem in the16th century. Other deities worshipped in the temple are Sri Laxmi Narayan, Sri Shanteri, Sri Kamakshi, Sri Siddhinath, Betal and Kalabhairava.

Sri Samsthan Mahalakshmi, Bandivadem, Bandora (Ponda)

mahalakshmiDuring the Portuguese invasion Sri Samsthan Mahalakshmi was shifted to this place from Colva in Sasasthi (Salcette) in 16th century AD. The associate deity is the Ravalnath. The temple has a beautiful chowka, famous for its grandeur and beauty.

Sri Nagesh Maharudra Samsthan, Bandivadem, Bandora (Ponda)

Sri Nagesh Maharudra Samsthan constructed in 1780 AD remains at its original place as it managed to survive Portuguese invasion. The deities of the temple are Sri Laxmi Narayan, Sri Ganapati, Ravalnath and Betal. In the month of Chaitra during Ramanavami the annual jatra of the temple is being organized. Shivaratri is also celebrated with Rathotsava on Magha Amavasya (next day). The temple has Agrashalas offers well-equipped rooms and halls for wedding purposes. The Talai or the water tank is famous for its crystal clear water throughout the year.

Sri Ganapati Samsthan, Khandole (Ponda)

Sri Ganapati Samsthan was originally at Navelin in Diwadi Island. It was shifted to Narve in Bicholim and then to present location. It is believed that the deity was first placed in the present Goa Vella, which was the capital of the Kadambas. After the downfall of the Kadamba Empire, it was shifted to Diwadi Island. The chief festival of the temple is the Ganesh-Navarathra and is celebrated on Magha Shuddha Chaturthi.

Sri Navadurga Samsthan, Kundaim (Ponda)

The deity of Sri Navadurga Samsthan is from Gaucim in Tiswadi taluk. The associate deities are Adinarayana Gramapurusha, Mahadeva, Ganesh, Betala, Ravalnath and Malikarjuna. The Laxmi Narayan temple, situated early, was shifted from Azossim in Tiswadi Taluk during Portuguese persecution in 16th century AD.

Sri Navadurga Samsthan, Madkai, Mardol

Sri Navadurga Samsthan was originally situated at Gancim in Tiswadi. The associate deities worshipped in the temple are the Gramapurusha, Narayana, Betala, Ravalnath and Ganapati. The palaki or the palanquin of Sri is taken out on the Shukla Navami every month. The annual Jatra is held in the month of Kartika from Vadya Chaturthi to Dashami. The Navaratri is also celebrated here.

DevakiKrishnaSri Devakikrishna Ravalnath Samsthan, Marcel (Ponda)

Sri Devakikrishna Ravalnath Samsthan is unique temple where lord Krishna is worshipped along with Devaki as Devakikrishna. The main deity Devakikrishna and its associated deities of Bhumika Devi, Laxmi Ravalnath, Mallinath, Katyayani, Chodaneshwar and Dhada Shankar were originally placed at Choodamani Island from where they were taken to Mayemwadem in Bicholim .They were moved to its present location at Marcel.

Sri Mangesh Samsthan, Mangeshim, Priol

Sri Mangesh Samsthan was originally built at Kushastali (Cortalim) on the banks of the river Aghanashini in 1560 A.D. The deities of the temple are Sri Laxmi Narayan, Sri Sri Surya Narayana and Sri Veerabhadra.

Sri Vijayadurga Samsthan, Kerim (Ponda)

Sri Vijayadurga Samsthan was originally situated at Sankhavali along with Sri Shanthadurga and Sri Laxmi Narshima. Annual jatra is held in the month of Magha up to Shivaratri and also on Navaratri.

The temple was renovated recently.

Sri Shanthadurga Samsthan, Kavlem (Ponda)

Shantadurga KavaleThe deity of Sri Shanthadurga was shifted from Kadalivana (Quelossim) to Kavlem in the 16th century AD. Sri Laxmi Narayana is the affiliated deity worshipped in the temple. The annual jatra is celebrated from Magha Suddha prathipada to Shukla panchami. Navaratri is also celebrated with organization of the Makharotsava. The temple is well equipped with Agrashalas and many halls with modern amenities.

Sri Kamakshi Samsthan, Shiroda (Ponda)

This temple was moved from Raia in Salcette Taluka. The deities of the temple are Sri Laxmi Narayana, Sri Shanthadurga, Sri Rayeshwar, Sri Mahadeshwar, Betal, Kalabhairav and Gramapurusha. The temple has rooms with amenities and a hall for purpose of marriages.

Sri Shanthadurga Samsthan, Gothana-Veling (Ponda)

The deity of Sri Shanthadurga was has also changed his abode from Sandoval in Salcette Taluka. The deities are Kshetrapal, Sri Dandapani, Gramapurusha and Purushas. The deity of the temple is established on a Varula or the snake hill.

Sri Laxmi Narasimha Samsthan, Veling (Ponda)

Sri Laxmi Narasimha Samsthan was situated in Sankhavali (Sanchole in Salcette) .It was later shifted with other deities of Sri Vijayadurga and Sri Shanthadurga to present Sylvan environs. The temple boasts of wooden bars relief and carvings. The beautiful painting and exquisite carvings in the temple chowka depicts Sri Narasimha Purana.

Mahalasa NarayaniSri Mahalasa Narayani Samsthan, Mardol (Ponda)

An important temple in Goa Sri Mahalasa Narayani Samsthan was originally located at Varunapur (Verna) in Sastri taluk. According to the Portuguese records it was one of the most brilliant temples destroyed by them. Later it was shifted to Antruj Mahal, Ponda in the16th century AD. Sri Shanteri and Sri Laxmi Narayana are the deities along with Dhada. Shankar, Kala Bhairav, Bhagwati and various family purushas are worshipped here. Goddess Mahalasa is a much-feared deity of the temple.

Sri Chanmundeswari Mahamaya Kudturikaria Samsthan, Avadem (Quepem)

Sri Chanmundeswari Mahamaya Kudturikaria Samsthan was originally located in Kudatari in Salcette.Later it was shifted to Avadem Quepem. The deities of the temple are Sri Shanteri, Sri Laxmi Narayana, Sri Ganapati, Sri Ravalnath and Sri Siddeswar.

Sri Damodar Samsthan, Zambaulim, Quepem Post

Sri Damodar Samsthan was shifted to Panchamahal under the King of Sund from Mathagrama (Madgaum). The deities of the temple are Sri Ramnath, Sri Chamundeshwari, Sri Mahakali and Sri Mahesha. One can attend the annual Jatra from Ashwin Poornima to Vadya Chaturthi.

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